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Find Out How You Could Save 20-40% on Your Electric Bill

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Soleic is creating an unstoppable wave of prosperity coming into your home, your community and our world!

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Switch to Sun energy in 3 steps


Energy Consumption

We analyze your energy consumption, by reviewing your energy bills.


System Design

We design a system custom fit for your electric and financial needs.



We install the most advanced, efficient and eco-friendly power source on your roof.

Benefits of working with clean energy

Energy bill lower costs

Every month your solar panels will produce energy for you to run everything in your home. Some months your panels will produce more energy than you need. That’s great news, because that energy is sent back to the power grid and you get a credit for the excess.

Global eco responsibility

Going solar gives you the power to own your own power system. It cuts down on your utility bills, and it will even get you some extra money from the government. But cash isn’t the only green you’ll be saving with solar, you’ll also be going green and helping save the planet.

Government tax benefits

The federal government is offering you a 26% tax credit if you purchase a solar system. It’s pretty simple; if you buy a system for $19,230 you will get a $5,000 tax credit. When taxes come around $5,000 will be eliminated from your federal tax liability.

Own your energy system

As Americans we have the right and privilege to own our homes and our cars. In fact, in the United States you can even own a tank. So why on earth aren’t we owning our power? We have essentially been forced to rent our power from the utility companies and none of our monthly payments ever go toward ownership.

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Find Out How You Could Save 20-40% on Your Electric Bill

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